Pr and corporate communications

Corporate communications, brand PR campaigns, developing CSR programs, maintaining positive relationships with partners and the media – we can say with confidence that this is one of the agency’s superpowers. Regardless of the challenges, we take a strategic approach by building a creative concept that for the most part goes beyond the traditional understanding of PR and is often combined with digital tools. Our experience helps our clients trust Knowbox in times of crisis too – building a positive company image or providing solutions to communication problems or challenges. An inseparable stage of our work is also the analysis and media monitoring after the campaigns or actions are carried out.

We are also working on an extremely important CSR initiative of our own that is of great interest to the media and potential customers – How would that be…in Bulgarian?


Knowbox event management starts with building a communication concept and strategy, regardless of the scale, scope and target groups. With our extensive experience in event management, the keys to our success are the creative idea, the attractive locations, the precise execution with a focus on detail, the preparation of branding and materials, control and coordination during the event, and last but not least – well-executed logistics. Personal attitude and knowledge of the relevant audience are a priority for our team, as well as timely feedback to different types of groups – media, guests, partners or clients.

We also build specialized databases for our clients’ purposes – for large-scale events such as conferences or exhibitions, direct mailing to potential clients, as well as the planning of mechanisms for promotional activities.


Our corporate policy is to maintain an active dialogue with the client, to immerse ourselves into the business model of their business and to be part of their team at the strategic and, especially operational level.

We strive to develop customer-focused communication, part of the client’s network, as well as generate opportunities to meet and create new ones. We develop programs for creating and maintaining loyal relationships. We run campaigns to maintain monthly communication with the latest offers and news. We organize events for clients by generating various occasions in order to engage the attention and maintain long-term relationships.


We create complete creative concepts with messages that clearly communicate the benefits of the products or services. We aim for the ads to create awareness and drive potential buyers. The ad formats we develop are tailored to the environment in which they are positioned and the effect we aim to provoke – print advertising, banner, video, animation, decoration, outdoor advertising, positioning in media formats and more.

digital advertising

We design and execute digital campaigns using the capabilities of the global platforms Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viber, SnapChat and more. We also offer Programmatic and positioning strategies in select digital media formats.

For the effectiveness of digital campaigns, we build tactical Customer Journey approaches and use digital tools to track metrics and tailor messages, creatives, bidding strategies and offers. One of the many valuable assets we generate are the audiences of potential customers and those who intend to buy. For our customers, we create audiences for whom we advertise the brand or service, actively communicate, or present products and services as soon as they are ready to buy.

digital advertising 1.0

Channels we work in – Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, Viber, TikTok, etc.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns – campaigns to drive traffic and generate sales on a site or a special landing page; Retargeting campaigns.

Awareness campaigns – content, games, promotions. Campaigns to reach your target audience, get acquainted with new products, services, promotional rewards games and viral content that is strongly sharable.

Lead generation – campaigns for collecting contact information from potential customers, newsletter sign-ups, promotions, special offers.

Conversions for sales for online shops – campaigns optimized for sales on online stores. Precise targeting and segmentation of leads.

Followers campaigns – campaigns to gather followers on social channels through attractive message and special offers.

E-mail Marketing – we create campaigns through specialized e-mail management software with detailed statistics on the recipients’ reactions and their activity with the content of the e-mail.

Web design – we do a detailed analysis of the client’s business and design a structure of their site that will create a quality customer experience for potential clients.

We create content for websites – articles, blogs, news, product descriptions, events, team interviews – to better index the site on Google.

Dynamic site management – in addition to content, we tailor web pages to the requirements of the customer and the business – new pages and also transformation of information pages in online stores.

SEO – Website Optimization

We use the best and most current practices for both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

We are implementing the latest web site optimization approaches to achieve faster loading speeds and better functionality.


Maintenance of social channels

Social media content creation is a service that is important for maintaining an active dialogue with consumers and brand supporters. We generate strategic directions of communication and create occasions for interaction. We inspire fans/followers with specially designed visuals that build the wholesome corporate image. Preliminary content planning gives strategic advantage and allows content, tone of communication and games to have their natural development. By maintaining questions and answers, also opinions on a daily basis, we build consumer confidence in the brand and also attachment to the topics the company is talking about.

employer branding

Employer Branding: The Formula is a knowbox concept for creating a value-added in employer brand through a synergy of three components: PR – HR and Digital marketing.

We have developed solutions that incorporate communication campaigns with strategic and creative messages. We develop and implement the best resources and channels, as well as integrate HR approaches and expert solutions.

We also introduce a specialized HR approach to the overall recruitment strategy by creating training programs for employees and the management team within the company.Through this approach, we develop and upgrade certain skills in different departments and employees. In order to reach successful results, we identify the key objectives and measure the results that we have achieved according to the applied strategic approaches. We integrate communication and marketing practices with HR techniques.

We have large experience in building employer brands and improving the relationships, skills and team performance in the areas of IT, finance, pharmaceuticals and product manufacturing companies.

training programs

More and more companies face the need to conduct specialized training for their employees and management teams. To meet the objectives set by the PR and HR departments, we at Knowbox, have created special training programs such as “Behavior and Media Communication”, “Customer Experience in the Digital Environment”, “Online Stores and Increasing the Product Presentation Rating “, and others. These programs are products of numerous trainings, conducted over the years, in conjunction with teams of internationally experienced companies.

As people with large experience in communication and marketing, we also create trainings based on a specific client’s task, focusing on developing a specific strategy, conceptual design and implementation of the program according to the set goals and methods of evaluation.

content creation

Content creation is key for the awareness of the customers and society as a whole.That is why we have mastered generating formats, which give added value – by creating attitudes, building a wholesome image and solidifying the values and missions of the companies. We also create content that provides information about products and services, in order to create a desire to buy or meet specific demands, experiences and lifestyles.

We practice the art of storytelling in order to breathe life into the brands and guide people through experiences that inspire them. Writing articles, websites copywriting, creating video content and product reviews are opportunities which, together with the long-term strategies, create rich database and possibilities to maintain active dialogue with company’s customers. 

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