„Town Hall Meetings:
Benefits & The Best Practices
We are visionaries and can find the best way to achieve your company goals.


How we complete our mission 

We strive to get the employees out of their routine.

We define impactful messages and voices. We moderate them to be heard.



Trust us


We hold strategic meetings with the management


Vision and Mission

We identify the key corporate values, generate activities for emplyees to trust the corporate mission and vision.



We design an intrenal and extrenal communication. We keep a prominant conversation:  management – employess and boost the talk employees – management.  

Innovative Approches

Our tools are state-of-the-art formats as well as transform the practical instruments into new ones to raise the employess engagement – WEB 3, Metaverse, H2H methods.



We involve employees in games, in coach sessions with selected mentors to make them motivated, to strenghetn their committment and corporate engagement.



We create the company’ s stories. We generate an info flow for the culture in the organization and build the corporate reputation.

Overall Communication Strategies

Long-term strategies, tactical campaigns, digital strategies aiming to build brand awareness, coversions, B2B initiatives etc.

Digital assets

Creatives, Banners, Advertsing materials, Video content, Copywriting, Landing pages

Market analysis

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the Current market, Position of the competitors, Potential customer segments

our projects

We love to design, moderate and to hype up.

Lenovo Tech Life

Technological event: New products and services launch. Employees and tech media are the audience. They are involved in many Interactions. 

Aniventure festival

Two days festival for traditoinal and modern Japanees culture. Employees and media creates a lots of anime, manga comics, cosplay costumes, teka part in theater scene and see video mantages and effects. 

Scale Focus Academy

Scale Focus organises an academy training  free of charge. It is for young people with basic IT knowledge. The mentors are selected employees with diffrent roles and positions in the company. They help the participants in the Academy to upgrade their knowledge on a professional level.

UST content exposition

The company presents and strenghten its corporate reputation by showing its employees efforts and achivements. The Employer Branding approch is to build an awareness for the company services by expose management interviews, publications for the tech upgarde of the business process of the clients. The recognistion of the company is made by the communication of the international awards as a TOP employer handeled by the well-known institutions in the IT field.

Lidl Employer Branding:

Presenting the company achievement as a Top Employer. Streghten the focus on employees, students, trainees and their employees experience abd engagements. Providing internal activities and desiminating masssegs to reach out the employees via vary communication channels. Carry out SCR initaitives in an align with the corporate social policy.

Bulsatcom transformation

The company made an organizational and financial transformation. These changes have been communicated to the internal and external public. Corporate interviews and publications were published.The SCR initiative was provied to spread out the the strategy for support and stream the national sport and sport clubs with young boys and girls. The employess were trained to be alined with all new corporate and cultural values as well as the latest product lines.


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