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CN - Buddy Network

“Be a buddy, not a bully” is a popular Cartoon Network campaign against bullying between children. The focus changes every year – online bullying, school bullying, etc. The initiative also includes a creative competition for classes, in which they are tasked to depict different symbols of friendship together.
The campaign aims to help children better understand their relationships – how to build friendships and not be a bully. It also aims to make the community aware of the problem and parents aware of the ways they can help their children.
Total Campaign Reach: 1,021,000
Number of participants(classes): 3 510
Publications: 59

Imagination studios 2019

The Imagination Studio initiative encourages young artists and painters to immerse themselves in the world of animation by unleashing their own talent. Over the past few years, the competition accompanying the campaign has been reaching enormous interest. Each edition includes an average of 2000 talented Bulgarian children and measures their creative skills.
It main message is “Draw and Have Fun!” and its main idea is to introduce young artists to the ways of creating animation and also raise their interest and creative potential.
Results 2019
Total Campaign Reach: 926 825
Number of participants: 3,200
Publications: 54

Aniventure Comic Con 2019

Aniventure is an annual two-day festival of traditional and modern Japanese culture. It brings together fans of Japanese animation – anime, manga comics, console and computer games, martial arts, and provides a field for the expression of young talents in the field of fine arts, costume and accessories, theater, video editing and effects.
CN actively interacts with their fans and makes them happy with a variety of activities, such as meeting the beloved GalkaPower vlogger/influencer, a fun photo wall and lots of branded presents.
Total Campaign Reach: 1,882,000
Visitors to the CN booth: 7,000
Gifts distributed: 5,300

A media event to announce Lenovo's annual financial results

Sense Hotel, 23.05.2019

International Webcast Call featuring C level Lenovo executives from around the world. 
Participants: financial and business oriented media.
Official announcement of Lenovo’s annual financial results to the media in Bulgaria.
Over 20 publications in leading financial, business and technology media.

Tech Life Event, Lenovo, IFA 2019

Tech Life, Berlin, September 4

Inviting technology media to participate in the event in Berlin. Organizing interviews between international Lenovo managers and accredited media in Bulgaria. Introducing the latest Lenovo product launched at IFA 2019 in Berlin.
Generating media content for the company. Creating links with industry technological media. Reviews of the latest Lenovo products.
Over 30 publications in leading financial, business and technology media and over 20 publications on social media.

Legion Gaming Event

Lenovo Exclusive Store, October 5, 2019

The Legion Gaming Event has been organized for the third consecutive year. It targets children and parents, and all gaming fans. Special guests of the event were NoThx (Konstantin Kanev) and the Vrkolak team. Several mini tournaments have been held – Kids vs. Kids, Kids vs. Parents, and a NoThx competition. The participants received many awards and had fun with the interesting Cosplayers – Vanya Vakrilova, Alexander Zinoviev and Silvia Alexandrova.
Reaching the audience – children and parents. Turning the event into a tradition to entertain and educate children who are familiar with the venue on what it takes to be perfectly prepared for gaming adventures and what skills they can develop through games. Introducing Legion products on-site at the Lenovo store.
Over 300 event attendees, over 70 signed up for the tournaments. Reaching Your Target Audience Through Social Media – Organizing Games and Other Activities.

Lenovo game 50 years since the moon landing

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and the moon landing, we created and implemented a concept game on Lenovo’s Facebook page that achieved very good results without any boosting. Participants had to answer 3 questions related to the Apollo mission and the first launch into space on a ThinkPad computer.
The purpose of the game was to celebrate the anniversary, as well as to promote the ThinkPad series as high-tech and reliable among Facebook audiences.
Results 2019
Total Campaign Reach: 8,574
Number of participants: 425
Number of likes: 358
Number of shares: 358

Human Bussiness studio - website

We created a concept and implemented the website of the consulting company Human Business Studio.
Stylish and modern site to present the services, team and ideas of the company in the most attractive and appropriate way.

Lackprom Digital Campaign

We created digital campaigns in Facebook and Google,a  landing page, facebook page, and many designs and visuals. 
Promoting the Lackprom brand to a wide audience and advertising a variety of seasonal products through carefully targeted campaigns.
Total Campaign Reach: 2 645 320
Visitors to the landing page: 45 256

Union of Brewers - National Beer Academy

The National Brewing Academy (NBA) is part of the annual Union of Brewers in Bulgaria (UBB) informational campaign to promote the traditions and characteristics of the brewing sector. Also, teaching about the natural qualities of the raw materials in the production and their specific qualities and properties. The formation of the beer culture for moderate consumption over the age of 18 is at the heart of all campaign activities.
The National Beer Academy aims to make consumers aware of the purity and integrity of the brewing and beer sector in a transparent and accessible manner, through the media and also opinion leaders. As a creative PR platform for interactive events, science-educational forums and responsible communications, the Academy is a strategic priority for the UBB. The Activity Plan Communication Strategy includes monthly themed events with direct contact/exchange of information between journalists and experts, regular press releases and materials on the NBA initiatives and messages. A mix of communication channels, social media activities and influencers builds on the NBA’s visibility. A detailed communication program is prepared. It includes brewery tours for the media, also events with production experts, scientists and nutritionists.
Results 2019:
Publications (Total): 856

Online: 757
Print: 60
Radio: 25
TV: 14
Ave: 823 818 BGN

Mentor Coaches - Digital Campaign

We have created and implemented a digital campaign in LinkedIn and Google to build interest in coaching and coach training. Their target are businesses and also people who want to qualify as professional coaches. Additionally, professionals who want to develop their skills and learn the latest methods of managing and motivating people and teams. We have also created a landing page that provides the most specific information for the trainings.
We build awareness of the benefits of training and reach our target audiences as precisely as possible. We do this by accurately profiling, creating audiences and remarketing to those who have shown interest. We also keep active communication with them.
Total Campaign Reach: 124,458
Visitors on the landing page: 2 800
Click through rate (CTR): 1.5%

Lenovo Bulgaria - LinkedIn Channel Development Campaign

We develop the LinkedIn page of Lenovo Bulgaria by creating and sponsoring interesting and engaging content related to the company’s technology, events and products. We created a specific audience based on different demographics and other factors. We target sponsored content, traffic campaigns, and campaigns to increase page followers.
1. Build a loyal audience interested in technology, business and innovation.
Introducing the company’s business products to the audience.
Total reach: 89 058
Page followers: 402
Average organic reach per post: 92

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