we believe

that for a service to succeed, it must have added value for the customer. That is why our team has always approached every task with strategic thinking, goal setting and looking for attractive, innovative and above all, rational solutions.

The many years of experience in marketing and PR make us cohesive and successful.

We know the best working practices and what tools to use in each project, complementing them with creativity and innovation.



We have expertise in building PR strategies, relationships with the media and the partners, also creating quality content. For us, clients are partners and their reputation is our mission. The stories we build for their brands are our challenge. Digital solutions, creative thinking for impactful formats in an online environment, creating new audiences, maintaining proactive communication, and building online assets for an exciting consumer journey are what clients look for and value as an asset in our work.





What drives us forward is achieving results for our customers. And what charges us are the satisfied clients we have been able to attract to the world of the brands we work for.






Corporate communications

Corporate identity, responsibility, reputation, events and crisis management

Digital marketing

Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, E-mail Marketing, Online Media Advertising

Website development

Corporate websites, One view sites, Online stores, Landing pages

Holistic communication strategies

Long-term business strategies, Digital strategies for branding, awareness, sales, B2B strategies

Digital content

Creative Visuals, Banners, Advertising Materials, Video Content, Copywriting

Comprehensive analysis

Current market situation, Competition status, Ad share, Consumer ratings

the knowboxers

Our DNA is in-depth analytics, creative solutions and professional execution with the tools of PR and digital marketing.

Silvia Mitova

Silvia Mitova

Managing Partner


Motto: Live, Work, Create.

Militsa Kraynova

Militsa Kraynova

Managing Partner


Motto: “The key to success is to focus on your goals, not on the obstacles.”

Svetoslava Kuyumdzhieva

Svetoslava Kuyumdzhieva

Senior PR Account Executive


Motto: „Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Tsvetinka Lilova

Tsvetinka Lilova

Marketing Communication Specialist


Motto: „Time is more valuable than anything.“

Stamen Kostov

Stamen Kostov

Marketing Communication Specialist


Motto: “Challenge yourself in order to succeed.”

Evgeni Tomov

Evgeni Tomov

Digital Marketing Specialist


Motto: “The way up is steep, but the view is worth it.”

Mila Nencheva

Mila Nencheva

Office Manager


Motto: “It’s important to be, not just to think you are.”

our initiatives

Although we work on a number of projects, we also take the time to develop initiatives for causes that interest us.

How would that be ... in Bulgarian?

At Knowbox, we like the new trends a lot because they are the things that help us move forward and grow. But at the same time, we value authentic things – the ones that make us unique and preserve our identity.

This is how the idea for our project “How would that be… in Bulgarian?” was born. With it, we will get you out of the world of foreign words in our speech and immerse you in the beauty of the Bulgarian language. We will show you that in our language we have wonderful words for every foreign one we use in our daily lives. It will be fun and fresh, but mostly informative. We will offer you alternatives to foreign words that threaten our language and displace already established words, which can harm variety.

We hope that together we’ll take care of our language with respect and love!




An initiative that aims to provoke discussion on the subject of air pollution.

Sofia is the European city with the highest levels of fine dust particles, according to the World Health Organization’s ranking. During the cold months these levels rise due to heating with coal and firewood. Thousands of Bulgarians fall victim to the dirty air every year.

This and other such gloomy statistics inspired us to create the #TheGiftOfAir campaign. An initiative by which knowbox aims to provoke discussion to tackle the problem.

our projects

For us, the work at knowbox is a vocation and we put a lot of passion, dedication and professionalism in it.

Inviting technology media to participate in the event in Berlin. Organizing interviews between international Lenovo managers and accredited media in Bulgaria. Introducing the latest Lenovo product launched at IFA 2019 in Berlin.

Aniventure is an annual two-day festival of traditional and modern Japanese culture. It brings together fans of Japanese animation – anime, manga comics, console and computer games, martial arts, and provides a field for the expression of young talents in the field of fine arts, costume and accessories, theater, video editing and effects.

International Webcast Call featuring C level Lenovo executives from around the world. A media event to announce Lenovo’s annual financial results

Because there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome together.